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Welcome to the Applied Optics and Photonics research group.  Our research explores the application of optics for a range of material processing, optical metrology, and sensing applications.  The applied nature of our work means that we work closely with industry as well as other UK and International research groups.

High Power Laser Applications

Prof. Duncan Hand, Dr Jon Shephard

Our research includes use of optical fibres for delivery of high power light for both measurement and laser processing, process monitoring and control of laser materials processing, and fundamental studies of precision laser material machining applications.  Applications include flow measurement illumination, laser material processing for industry, and biomedical surgery applications.

Optical Diagnostics

Prof. Andrew Moore, Dr Wei Wang

Optical diagnostic techniques can provide greater understanding and control of the behaviour of engineering and biological systems. Light adds no extra mass or stiffness to the structure and measurements can be made at many points simultaneously under service conditions. We research novel optical techniques for measuring e.g. deformation, strain, velocity, and jointly with our collaborators apply them to unique measurement problems in engineering and science. 

Optical Fibre Sensors

Dr Bill MacPherson, Dr Robert Maier

Optical fibres offer great flexibility in taking precise optical measurement techniques and making them a practical sensor option for real world instrumentation.  Our interest includes point sensors fabricated onto the end of fibres, fibre Bragg grating sensors, Long Period Grating sensors, and novel sensor embedding.




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